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Dead by Daylight is a very interesting and unique horror game which needs a lot of strategical thinking. This online multiplayer game has managed to gather a lot of popularity worldwide thanks to its quirky style of gameplay.

As a newcomer, Dead by Daylight can seem a little strange and complex. Today, I’ll give you guys some tips and tricks that you can use to become a better player. I’ll be giving out some amazing tips for both survivor and killer routes, so there is something for every type of player in this article.

Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at what this game is all about.

The concept of Dead by Daylight is quite simple. The players in a match are split into two teams, and the teams are asymmetrical. One team only consists of a killer, whilst the other team consists of 4 survivors. As you might’ve guessed, the killer tries to kill these survivors, and the survivors try to escape through the exit gates. The exit gates are closed off in every game, and the survivors must power different generators to escape before the killer catches them.

The concept of the game might be simple, but the game can be quite hard for newcomers who don’t know what they are doing.

Dead by Daylight Survivor Guide and Tips

Dead by Daylight Survivor Guide and Tips
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Teamwork is important

There is a reason why there are 4 players in your team! You must always work in coordination with your teammates if you want to get the upper hand. The survivors need to communicate with each other and decide on separate roles for themselves.

Take advantage of the killer’s first-person view

As a survivor, your field of vision is much bigger as compared to the killer who is stuck in first-person. You should always take advantage of this fact to sneak past the killer or out-run him/her.

Recover as fast as possible

Whenever you get downed, your first priority must be recovery! Recover your health as fast as possible, so that whenever a friend comes to revive you, it is not time-consuming. Sometimes you might need a good place to hide before you can recover your health.

Don’t be afraid of the killer

This is a very simple tip, but also the most important. You must keep the fact in mind that the killer is another player just like you. And you can trick him/her by using different strategies.

Dead by Daylight Killer Guide and Tips

Dead by Daylight Killer Guide and Tips
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Learn to drop a chase

As a killer, you must learn to drop a chase whenever necessary. This means that if a survivor is just too hard to catch, then you should just stop and hunt down someone else. This will help you greatly improve in the long-run.

Understand each killer

There are different killers in Dead by Daylight, and all of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some killers are good at chasing, whilst others are good at something else. You must research all the different killers and find one that suits your style of gameplay.

Don’t camp

As a killer, some players try to just camp near a generator. This strategy might help some of you, but it won’t work every time. You must patrol the map and try to catch the survivors off guard as there are 4 of them and you are just a single person.

Don’t swing aimlessly

Some players seem to get a little cocky when they become the killer. Even as a killer, you must take things a little slow and not attack aimlessly. You must know when to strike and when to not strike at all. This tip will also help you avoid pallets as you will play a little cautiously.

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