So you’ve moved to GA4, you’re following online tutorials and guides, but unlike them, you’re missing the “Pages and Screens” section under Engagement.

Funny, that’s exactly what happened to me as well. And, for that, I decided to start covering all the BS things I find out while also being a webmaster. That is, apart from gamer.

Funny thing is, if you think this is due to any complicated configuration inside GA4, you’re wrong. It has nothing to do with the Data Stream, Collections and what not.

But, I won’t beat around the bush with it. You’re here for an answer, so here it is.

Fixing Missing Pages and Screens in GA4

If you’re missing this option in your GA4 account, that’s likely due to the category you chose for your website when you signed up for GA4 (or upgraded from Google Analytics Universal).

You’re probably also seeing “Games reporting” or something alike, instead of Life Cycle within your GA4 dashboard.

To fix Missing Pages and Screens in GA4:

  1. Click on “Admin”, on the left side menu inside GA4;

  2. Select “Property Settings”;

    It’s on the middle side of the screen, under “Property”.

  3. Edit your “Industry category”;

    If you went with “Games” for example, make sure to revert it back to the default “Select one”.

Save your changes and go back to your GA4 dashboard to confirm that you’re able to see Pages and Screens in GA4. Specifically, under Reports -> Life Cycle -> Engagement.

Happy tracking! 🙂

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